May 2017

FormFactor Holds #1 Spot in Their 2016 List of Top 10 Suppliers of Semiconductor Probe Cards

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June 2016

FormFactor top probe card supplier for three consecutive years

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July 2015

FormFactor Enables Accurate Testing of Ultrasmall Microchips

The smaller semiconductor microchips become, the more difficult it is to test them. Founded in a New York lab in 1993, FormFactor had foreseen early on this trend towards miniaturisation that it focused its research and development (R&D) on creating one of the world’s most ...

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September 2014

Reliable Testing of Cu Pillar Technology for Smart Devices

he relentless drive for greater functionality and performance i n s m a r t p h o n e s , t a b l e t s and other consumer devices requires a higher level of chip integration, which in turn, requires increasing ...

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June 2014

Test Challenges Grow

Experts at the table, first of three parts: New techniques for reducing cost; limitations of existing approaches; what’s changed and future challenges.

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss current and future test challenges with Dave Armstrong, director of business development at Advantest; Steve Pateras, product marketing ...

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October 2013

TSVs: Welcome To The Era Of Probably Good Die

Physical probing of devices using TSVs is proving a challenge to traditional test.

Among the challenges of a widespread adoption of 3D ICs is how to test them, particularly when it comes to through-silicon vias (TSVs). While not necessarily presenting a roadblock, TSVs use in the ...

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July 2013

FormFactor Tackles Probe Test for 3D ICs

This is part of a series of short interviews, based on face-to-face meetings at SEMICON West 2013.

For a long time, the jury was out on the probe-ability of micro-bumped TSV wafers. The jury was also unsure whether or not there was any point to probing ...

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December 2011

Chip Test Equipment Maker MicroProbe Doubles Revenue

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September 2011

Final Test Report: Focus on MicroProbe

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August 2011

Wafer Probe & Copper Pillars: Challenges & Solutions Viewpoint by MicroProbe CEO, Dr. Mike Slessor

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March 2011

Wafer Probes: 8 Parameters for Current-carrying Capability in Semiconductor Test

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