Soaring performance speeds, ultra-high energy efficiency and long battery life are the hallmarks of today’s servers, PCs and handheld devices.

And with devices converging, data sets exploding, and processing routinely off-loaded to the cloud, the performance bar for critical multi-core processors is getting higher. Scalable wafer test solutions are essential – engineered for ultra-fine grid-array pitches, and capable of delivering high signal fidelity with high Current Carrying Capability.


Key Probing Essentials

FormFactor’s Products for Computing ICs

Vx-MP for Microprocessors and SoCs

The Vx-MP is the product of choice for leading-edge microprocessors and SoCs. An advanced probe card, it supports high-density flip-chip wafer testing. Valued for providing high signal fidelity and very high current-carrying capability, it’s also known for long product life and low maintenance requirements.

Performance Range

  • Cu pillar bump probing, minimum grid-array pitch of 90µm
  • Composite MEMS probe structure to enable high CCC >=1A/probe

SmartMatrix™ for DRAM Sort

The SmartMatrix™ probe card provides full-area 300-mm wafer testing for SDRAM, DDR2 and DDR3 testing. The product enables massively high parallelism testing — more than 1000 sites testing in parallel — dramatically reducing the cost of test.

Performance Range

  • Superior thermal operation to compress soak time and improve scrub performance
  • Excellent contact and electrical performance to optimize yield
  • FFI proprietary custom-designed advanced TRE ICs to increase test-native parallelism of testers


TrueScale™ for Computing ICs

TrueScale™ is routinely used for advanced wire bond PC peripheral logic ICs which are highly cost-sensitive devices. The product offers the fine-pitch capability and high parallelism required for cost-effective wafer test.

Performance Range

  • Wire bond pad probing, minimum in-line pitch of 50µm
  • Supports high multi-site testing, scalable for 300mm full-wafer test capability for maximum multi-site testing
  • Low-force and low-scrub probing — <3 g/probe in production with minimum scrub in all directions on a small wire bond pad