Balancing cost, performance, speed and power in a small system footprint is the priority for today’s gaming and multi-media products.

While super-fast graphics cards provide exceptional gaming experiences, and low-power processors extend battery life beyond anything previously possible, cost still rules for consumer ICs. Enabling innovation in wafer test products – like higher parallelism and continuous pad-size shrinks – helps keep costs down, while also easing the path for new generations of powerful feature-rich consumer ICs.


Key Probing Essentials

FormFactor’s Products for Consumer ICs

CMOS™ Image Sensor Product

This popular product, used to test CMOS image sensors, is valued for enabling very high parallelism, which reduces the cost of test. Also, Formfactor’s proprietary architecture drastically lowers the testing noise within each DUT (device under test) and across the adjacent DUTs for higher yield and faster test time.

Performance Range

  • High parallelism testing, X64 and X128 site-capable
  • 3D MEMS probe allows for precisely-placed small scrub marks to minimize pad damage
  • Supports LVDS frequency roadmap up to 2Gb/s
  • Offers lens module and diffuser capability

TrueScale™ for Consumer ICs

TrueScale™ is routinely used for advanced wire bond logic, touch screen controllers and sensor ICs – all highly cost-sensitive devices. The product offers the fine-pitch capability and high parallelism required for cost-effective wafer test.

Performance Range

  • Wire bond pad probing, minimum in-line pitch of 50µm 
  • Supports high multi-site testing, scalable for full-wafer test capability for maximum multi-site testing
  • Low-force probing — <3 g/probe in production with minimum scrub in all directions on a small wire bond pad

Apollo Vertical MEMS probe card for Consumer ICs

Apollo is the industry-leading flip-chip bump probing technology for multi-core processors used in game consoles like the Xbox and PlayStations.

Performance Range

  • Flip-chip bump probing
  • Minimum grid-array pitch of 135µm
  • High current carrying option, up to 1A/probe