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In medical technology and biotechnology, the most innovative materials and technologies are combined. The durability and safety of these medical technology products are key to quality. Everything must be right.

FormFactor FRT Metrology tools have a long history supporting leading manufacturers from the pharmaceutical and packaging industries. Our optical systems measure roughness, film thickness, step height and many other parameters. We are among the world‘s leading suppliers of high-quality surface metrology equipment to the medical industry.

Lab-on-Chip & Microchannels

A Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) is an intelligent device that combines one or more laboratory functions on a single integrated circuit. To analyze liquids, small microchannels and cavities are inserted into plastic or glass substrates. Surfaces in these structures must be dimensionally accurate and strictly parallel.

• Typical measurement tasks:
• Width
• Height
• Parallelism

Micro Plates / Wells

The cavities and container shapes in microplates should have a high flatness for microscopy and be positioned on one level. Similar demands are also made on cell culture plates or certain analysis material. Volumes are determined or analyzed in millliters.

Typical measurement tasks:
• Flatness
• Step height
• Roughness
• Pass/Fail-Evaluation

Tablets / Blister Packaging

Primary packaging offers the highest level of security as an anti-counterfeit feature help to ensure the product is genuine. Material thickness and surface structure of the blisters in the packaging area are important for medical technology products, as well as tear resistance. Pharmaceutical products must be packed airtight and hygienic.

Typical measurement tasks:
• Topography
• Embossing patterns
• Geometry
• Dimensions
• Coating thickness
• Measurement of counterfeit-proof features to verify authenticity

Syringe Needle / Monovette / Injection Material

The tips of medical syringe needles and pen needles often have complex shapes. This must be checked and determined metrologically for geometry and freedom from grains. Injection-molded plastic parts are also among these measurement objects.

Typical measurement tasks:
• Geometry
• Roughness
• Angle
• Width and height
• Injection molding seams
• Thickness

Infusion Bags and Medical Tubes

For infusion bags and medical tubes, adherences of residual liquids are undesirable. Tear and tensile strength are also important properties. For these purposes, film thickness, roughness and many other parameters of the materials are measured.

Typical measurement tasks:
• Roughness
• Radial dimensions
• Thickness
• Layer stacks
• Step height

Spiral Wire Prosthesis / Stent

These medical implants for opening narrowed vessels are made of metal or synthetic fibers. Surfaces must have a defined roughness.

Typical measurement tasks:
• Roughness tolerance
• Uniformity