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Fully Automated Wafer Metrology Tools

The standard fully automated wafer metrology tools combine the capabilities of the worldwide established 300 mm metrology station, with a wafer handling system within an Equipment Front End Module (EFEM). With fully SEMI-compliant metrology solutions and robust hardware components, the MicroProf with EFEM is configurable for any front end high-volume fab, for a wide range of applications in the silicon and silicon carbide (SiC) wafer foundry, applications at different 3D packaging process steps, or comprehensive inspection applications.

Semi-automated Metrology Tools with MHU

The metrology tool with material handling unit (fully automated handling, manual cassette placement) is developed especially for the semiconductor, MEMS, sapphire, and LED industry. Typical applications are the measurement of bare, coated wafers and structured wafers in various lithographic process steps. Due to a robotic arm with two vacuum end effectors, the device has a very high throughput of up to 220 wafers per hour. It can process wafer sizes from 2 to 8 inches. Up to 4 open cassettes can be processed and it is possible to integrate a pre-aligner and an OCR reader in the device.

Manual Metrology Tools

High-precision optical surface metrology tools for the characterization of various functional and/or technical surfaces - fast, efficient, non-destructive. Maximum flexibility is provided by the multi-sensor technology, developed by FormFactors FRT Metrology. It combines different measuring methods and sensors in one universally applicable tool of the MicroProf series - available as tabletop or stand-alone model depending on application and sample size - space-saving and upgradeable to your changing measurement requirements.

Metrology Software & Technology

Our third generation platform including the multi-sensor concept combined with the complete in-house software empowers production lines around the world. Various metrology and inspection applications and surface parameters can be measured fully automated within one recipe and one tool.