FormFactor maintains the worlds’ largest and most advanced MEMS fabrication facility dedicated to probe card manufacturing.

Highly customized MEMS-based probe cards are essential enablers of our customers’ technology roadmaps. Because beyond superior electrical performance characteristics, MEMS contacts can scale to new device requirements for finer pad pitch and higher pin counts.

Over the last decade, we have invested $150+ million in facilities and equipment. Today, our MEMs operations span more than 27,000 ft2 of Class 100 cleanroom space, and 20,000 ft2 Class 1000 cleanroom space. In these advanced cleanrooms patterning of complex multi-material structures is executed with micron-level accuracy.

Leading DRAM and Flash device manufacturers turn to our 3D MEMS MicroSpring® contact technology for its ultra-low force and very high contact precision. Superior position accuracy is enabled by the use of semiconductor processes like photolithography and plating. The proliferation of this unique 3D MEMS technology with other FormFactor technical innovations has enabled massively high parallel test. This has extended the breadth of wafer probe applications and shifted demand from conventional cantilever probe cards.

SoC customers rely on our 2D vertical MEMS technologies to optimize performance and reduce test costs for given applications. Here, multiple materials allow for a good balance between electrical and mechanical properties.

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