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Vertical and edge-coupled devices, on full wafers or in singulated dies, are accurately and efficiently characterized with a broad suite of tests due to extensive joint development between FormFactor and partners. Highly-automated mechanisms present single fibers/arrays and electrical probes, for connection with sensitive optoelectronic measurement instruments, along with thermal control and calibration tools, for a complete integrated test cell.

MeasureOne - Silicon Photonics Test

MeasureOne Benefits Include

  • Best-of-breed, high-performance tools from industry leaders FormFactor, Keysight Technologies, and Physik Instrumente
  • Configured and optimized to deliver accurate, repeatable, and automated optical and electrical measurements
FormFactor, Inc.
Keysight Premium Solutions Partner

Solution Components Include

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Autonomous Silicon Photonics Measurement Assistant

FormFactor's Autonomous Silicon Photonics Measurement Assistant enables and optimizes silicon photonics coupling. The use of single optical fibers and fiber arrays as probes to couple light into and out of a wafer surface creates many challenges that FormFactor manages through its Contact Intelligence technology.


imec’s Silicon Photonics Research and Manufacturing Program

See how our customer imec is using our CM300 to enable their development of silicon photonics solutions