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  • DCP-HTR Parametric Probe

The DCP-HTR probe delivers fA-level measurement capability from -65 °C to 300 °C for advanced characterization and reliability testing. Its unique design offers superior guarding and shielding over-temperature, overcoming the high-temperature performance limitations of standard coaxial needles. When used on a probe station with a MicroChamber, the DCP-HTR allows full utilization of semiconductor parametric test instruments. The optional probe tips with small diameter are ideal for probing pads as small as 30 x 30 μm.


  • Ultra-low, fA-level current and fF-level capacitance measurements from -65 °C to + 300 °C
  • Guarantees fully-guarded measurements to fA and fF levels
  • Individual connectors provide force-sense connection for quasi-Kelvin and CV measurements
  • Allows probing of different pad materials and sizes
  • Fast replacement of worn probes without the need for tools