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For on-wafer test across a range of source/load characteristics, at fundamental or harmonic frequencies, FormFactor and MeasureOne partners deliver proven integrations of probe station, analytical probes, calibration tools, and tuners (passive, active, and hybrid).

MeasureOne Benefits Include

  • Collaborative solutions from FormFactor and partners Keysight Technologies, Focus Microwaves, and Maury Microwave
  • High performance equipment from industry leaders, configured and optimized to deliver accurate and repeatable RF measurements
FormFactor, Inc.
Keysight Premium Solutions Partner
Focus Microwaves
Maury Microwave

Solution Components Include

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Load-Pull Tuning with FormFactor’s CM300xi and Focus Microwave’s Low Frequency DELTA Tuners

Focus Microwave’s new low frequency DELTA tuners have been seamlessly integrated onto FormFactor’s CM300xi automated wafer probe station. The solution provides high VSWR fundamental and harmonic tuning and covers a wide frequency range of 1.8 to 40 GHz.


Turnkey Solution for Load-Pull Modeling and Characterization of 5G Devices and Transistor Circuits

FormFactor has partnered up with Focus Microwaves and Keysight to provide the most advanced turn-key solution for high-frequency fundamental and harmonic load pull measurements up to 110 GHz.