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  • InfinityXT Probe - Device Characterization Wafer Probe
  • InfinityXT Probe - Next Generation Wafer Probing

Introducing the InfinityXT probe series. InfinityXT enhances and extends FormFactor’s industry-leading Infinity probe family, which has set the benchmark for accuracy and repeatability in the device characterization and modeling community for more than a decade. The new InfinityXT series advances the industry standard with higher temperature range, better tip visibility and durability, and support for narrower pitches as the market evolves.

Recently, the industry has experienced explosive growth in the RF and microwave devices, driven by the automotive, mobile communications/5G and IoT device markets. The development of the new InfinityXT probe has been guided by the requirements of these high-growth markets. The requirements include ultra-wide bandwidth and wide temperature ranges for device modeling and characterization. Device measurements for modeling is one of the most demanding on-wafer measurement applications, requiring extremely high measurement accuracy and repeatability, since extracted parameters are highly sensitive to very slight differences.

InfinityXT Wafer Probe

Next Generation Wafer Probing

  • Continues the Infinity family’s Industry leading electrical
  • High temperature capability (175° C +) for automotive
    device characterization and other applications
  • Better tip visibility for enhanced placement accuracy
    and repeatability
  • Improved tip life/durability with solid rhodium contacts
  • New tip architecture enables support for narrower
    pitches (e.g. 25um)
  • Advanced mechanical design combined with small
    contacts enables probing on smaller pads/pitches and
    improves durability and robustness


FormFactor Introduces InfinityXT

For more than a decade, the FormFactor Infinity probe family has set the industry standard for RF, Microwave and millimeter wave performance. Now we have made it even better.


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