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Ideal for device characterization and modeling, Infinity probe combines extremely low contact resistance on aluminum pads with unsurpassed RF measurement accuracy for highly reliable, repeatable measurements. Proprietary thin-film and coaxial probe technology reduces unwanted couplings to nearby devices and transmission modes.

|Z| Probe

The |Z| Probe® patented technology assures high-accuracy measurements with low contact resistance and superior impedance control. The RF/Microwave signal makes only one transition to the coplanar contact structure within the shielded, air-isolated probe body maintaining signal integrity at temperatures as low as 4 K, or as high as 300°C. This capability makes the |Z| probe suitable for the harshest test environments, from cryogenic test and measurement to characterize future computing ICs to high temperatures in closed systems for applications such as automotive devices.


The Air Coplanar Probe is a rugged microwave probe with a compliant tip for accurate, repeatable measurements on-wafer. It features excellent probe-tip visibility and the lowest loss available. Available as both single and dual, the ACP probe combines outstanding electrical performance with precise probe mechanics and is todays most widely used microwave probe available.

Calibration Tools

Our families of calibration substrates supports all of your high-frequency probing applications. Using them ensures greater accuracy and better repeatability in on-wafer calibration of vector network analyzers.