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  • Integrated Measurement System - Keysight - DC

Comprehensive, Turn-key Integrated Measurement System (IMS) with Keysight SPA
for On-wafer DC Parametric Measurements

FormFactor and partner Keysight applications experts will help you configure a robust, complete solution, including:

  • FormFactor probe system: CM300xi, SUMMIT200, MPS150 (others available)
  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic probes station options
  • FormFactor analytical probes: DCP probes (others available) on manual or motorized positioners
  • FormFactor DC automation software: Autonomous DC Measurement Assistant for unattended probing over temperature on small pads
  • Full over temperature measurements and automation from -60°C to +300°C
  • Keysight semiconductor parameter analyzer and/or PXIe SMUs: B1500A (others available)
  • Keysight automation and modeling software: WaferPro XP, PathWave, IC-CAP
  • To complete the system: cables, adapters, mounting hardware, etc.

Industry’s Most Productive and Accurate DC Parametric Measurement System

DC parametric measurements are important contributors to decisions made at each stage of semiconductor product development and production, for nearly every device type and semiconductor technology. They play a key role in advanced materials research, process characterization, device characterization and modeling, design debug, process monitoring, and production wafer sort. Accurate and repeatable DC parametric measurements (IV, CV, pulsed, and high-power) reduce uncertainty. Trustworthy results accelerate device qualification and produce more precise models and design toolkits. In turn, these allow designers to deliver more competitive products to market faster. We’ve revolutionized the analytical probe system for exactly this purpose – to provide an electrically pristine environment for on-wafer measurements. By eliminating environmental factors which can corrupt test results, the prober becomes effectively “invisible” to the measurement instrument. Since the first MicroChamber® probe station in 1991, FormFactor’s Cascade probe system products have always had the same mission – enabling customers to succeed by making the best decisions with the best data. Tightly integrated instrumentation from industry leader Keysight completes the system to deliver best possible measurement accuracy and repeatability.

Fastest, Safest, and Most Affordable Path to High Quality Measurements

Pre-validated, turn-key, comprehensive, integrated measurement systems from FormFactor deliver peace of mind and immediate, out-of-the-box productivity for important test applications.

These benefits are provided at no extra cost. IMS solutions from FormFactor include no markups over Keysight pricing or integration charges.

Only one device characterization system in the world is built upon the foundations of the #1 leader in R&D instrumentation plus the #1 leader in analytical probe systems – the FormFactor IMS-K-DC.

Applications: DC Parametric Measurements