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We support our customers at all major phases
in design through production.

By taking advantage of our expertise, solutions and infrastructure, our customers can drive continuous innovation with greater control and fewer economic risks. By collaborating with FormFactor to protect and enhance performance and device yield, developers, designers and manufacturers of next-generation devices can accelerate their time-to-market and their profitability.

Our design-to-test collaborative approach is an imperative enabler of advanced ICs, especially with the compressed time-to-market demands of today’s automotive and mobile markets. Central to our approach is advanced technology and expertise, where we not only help customers manufacture their current products, we also help them innovate and build the products of tomorrow. This means applying our decades of industry knowledge and experience to solve technical and cost challenges before a complicated design starts production, and well before first silicon reaches the test floor.


Customer Collaboration Infographic

“We are honored that our customers trust us, and depend on us as a collaborative partner both during device development and throughout the production process, as witnessed by our consistent high rankings in the VLSIresearch Customer Satisfaction Survey. FormFactor remains focused on delivering innovative, high-quality solutions with excellent uptime, to address our customers’ technical challenges while also reducing overall test costs…FormFactor is committed to providing leading-edge electrical test and measurement expertise, solutions and infrastructure to help accelerate profit for both our customers, and the end users they serve.”

FormFactor CEO, Mike Slessor


We collaborate with customers during the R&D phase to perform testing of chips while in wafer form, or wafer probing, in engineering test environments. Our engineering probe stations and analytical probes are used in research and development to perform precise electrical measurements, or electrical metrology, on increasingly complex and high-speed chips to assure quality and reliability, reduce costly redesigns, accelerate time-to-market and improve chip fabrication processes. By using our on-wafer probing solutions, design engineers can test and characterize circuits at the wafer level, before the ICs are diced and packaged. This cuts research and development times in half, and significantly reduces the tremendous cost of developing new chips.

Characterization of Micro-Bumps for 3DIC Wafer Acceptance Tests

This unique micro-bump probing solution together with single DC probes for characterizing wafer surface leakage performance, in a fully automatic micro-bump wafer acceptance test setup, enabling highly precise and consistent test results.

Automating Electro-Optical Testing for Silicon Photonics

Working with imec, FormFactor's engineering team demonstrated a fully automated system, capable of inline operation, to accelerate the development of silicon photonics devices.

Continuous S-parameter measurements to 500 GHz

Working with Virginia Diodes, Dominion Microprobes and Keysight Technologies, FormFactor engineers show measurements from 200 MHz (and lower) through to 500 GHz are achievable with just four bands, with good agreement over a range of different standards, and automatic multi-line TRL.

Production Test

Every probe card project is unique to an individual IC design. So it’s critical that all aspects of the design and build are closely and collaboratively managed. That’s why our partnership with customers begins at the earliest design phase, when we collectively evaluate advanced packaging and wafer test feasibility for new IC designs. It’s a deep, proactive engagement geared to help customers extract and validate critical data earlier in the test process to improve yield management and dramatically shorten the time to volume production and revenue.


In 2021, FormFactor was named a BEST supplier in VLSIresearch’s annual customer satisfaction survey in three categories;

  • 10 BEST Focused Suppliers of Semiconductor Equipment
  • THE BEST Suppliers of Test Equipment
  • THE BEST Suppliers of Test Subsystems

The survey includes the feedback of worldwide semiconductor manufacturing companies, rating suppliers in 14 categories, and measuring in each – supplier performance, customer service, and product performance. The results mark eight consecutive years that FormFactor has been selected in THE BEST Suppliers of Test Subsystems which includes manufacturers of probe cards, test sockets, and device interface boards. In April, the company was also ranked as the world’s top supplier of semiconductor probe cards in a separate VLSIresearch report*.

FormFactor Again Named One of THE BEST Suppliers in the Semiconductor Industry