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  • FPC Probe

The FPC probe is a high frequency 50 ohm coaxial probe that offers a signal line with either one or two low-inductance fixed-pitch ground contacts. The probe tip structure is lithographically defined for unsurpassed impedance control, preserving the highest integrity possible when launching and receiving signals from SMT boards, hybrids and multi-chip modules(MCM).


  • DC-40 GHz bandwidth
  • 10 ps rise time
  • Low insertion and return loss
  • 2 mils of tip-to-tip compliance
  • High probing angle and clearance


  • Maintains 50-ohm environment which allows accurate high-frequency measurement of microelectronic modules
  • Compliant tips allow probing of non-planar structures
  • BeCu tips provide longer probing life and reduce probe damage
  • Access contacts close to components, module walls, or other obstructions