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  • SmartMatrix 1500XP Probe Card

SmartMatrix™ 3000XP provides 300 mm full-wafer contact testing on mobile and commodity DRAM, graphic memory (GDDR), high bandwidth memory (HBM), and emerging memory devices. Specifically developed to support fast design ramps and advanced product roadmaps, this platform extends the production-proven Matrix™ architecture to address increased probe card parallelism in excess of 3000 sites per wafer on a single touchdown. Utilizing FormFactor’s industry-leading advanced tester resource enhancement (ATRE) technology, the architecture supports fast test speeds with clock rates of 125 MHz and up to x32 shared group signals. SmartMatrix 3000XP is capable of testing from -40˚C to 125˚C for DRAM semiconductor requirements.

High performance and short delivery times for SmartMatrix 3000XP enable yield optimization and faster time-to-market for today’s DRAM and advanced memory devices.

  • Higher parallelism, higher test efficiency, and lower cost of test by using Advanced TRE technology (ATRE)
  • Excellent contact stability and electrical performance to optimize yield
  • Superior thermal operation to shorten soak time and improve scrub performance
  • Terminated TRE (TTRE) to improve signal fidelity without the need to enhance ATE tester capability
  • Robust 3D MEMS spring with superior tip position and scrub performance
  • Superior thermal performance and design flexibility
  • Excellent production uptime
  • Ease of use and serviceability