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  • |Z| Probe - CSR Cal Substrates

The CSR family of calibration substrates delivers the highest accuracy available due to the high quality of each substrate. The calibration standards are manufactured using rugged, hard gold, which ensures a long lifetime.

All CSR calibration substrates include the Open standard on the substrate itself, providing a more accurate calibration when compared to simply lifting the probes for Open. Since our probe systems are used in the laser-trimming process, the typical accuracy is better than 0.1% for all Load standards. Also, the resistance of the Load standard remains stable within 0.3% of the ideal value (50 Ω), over a temperature range from 10 to 430 K.

Finally, the design of the Line standard is optimized, resulting in accuracy of the characteristic impedance within 1.0% of the ideal value (50 Ω) for frequencies up to 110 GHz and beyond. For these reasons, the CSR family guarantees the best calibration, and thus the most accurate measurements.

Calibration Standard

Part Number Description Pitch (µm) PDF
41702 |Z| Probe, CSR-4, GSG 250 to 500
41704 |Z| Probe, CSR-5, GS/SG 250 to 500
56407 |Z| Probe, CSR-6, GS/SG 50 to 250
62025 |Z| Probe, CSR-8, GSG 100 to 250
73319 |Z| Probe, CSR-9, GSG 50 to 150
62563 |Z| Probe, CSR-15, GSG 500 to 1250
69061 |Z| Probe, CSR-16, GS/SG 500 to 1250
71391 |Z| Probe, CSR-17, GSG 1000 to 2500
67074 |Z| Probe, CSR-18, GS/SG 1000 to 2500
51077 |Z| Probe, CSR-30, GSGSG 100
51078 |Z| Probe, CSR-31, GSGSG 150
51079 |Z| Probe, CSR-32, GSGSG 200
51080 |Z| Probe, CSR-33, GSGSG 250
51081 |Z| Probe, CSR-34, GSGSG 500
51082 |Z| Probe, CSR-35, GSGSG 125
51874 |Z| Probe, CSR-41, GSSG 125 to 150
51875 |Z| Probe, CSR-43, GSSG 200 to 250
51876 |Z| Probe, CSR-44, GSSG 400 to 600
52379 |Z| Probe, CSR-40, GSSG 100
53527 |Z| Probe, CSR-50, SGS 100
53528 |Z| Probe, CSR-51, SGS 125 to 150
53529 |Z| Probe, CSR-53, SGS 200 to 250
53530 |Z| Probe, CSR-54, SGS 400 to 500
71392 |Z| Probe, CSR-101, GSG/GS/SG 100 to 300
136643 |Z| Probe, Calibration substrate in a silicon wafer