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DC parametric measurements are important contributors to decisions made at each stage of semiconductor product development and production, for nearly every device type and semiconductor technology. They play a key role in advanced materials research, process characterization, device characterization and modeling, design debug, process monitoring, and production wafer sort.

Accurate and repeatable DC parametric measurements (Pulsed, high-power, IV measurement, and CV measurement) reduce uncertainty. Trustworthy results accelerate device qualification and produce more precise models and design toolkits. In turn, these allow designers to deliver more competitive products to market faster.

We’ve revolutionized the analytical probe system for exactly this purpose – to provide an electrically pristine environment for on-wafer measurements. By eliminating environmental factors which can corrupt test results, the prober becomes effectively “invisible” to the measurement instrument. Since the first MicroChamber® probe station in 1991, FormFactor’s Cascade probe system products have always had the same mission – enabling customers to succeed by making the best decisions with the best data.

Measurement Integrity Faces Threats from All Directions

A myriad of factors can corrupt DC electrical measurements. Electrical noise can appear in the data due to influence from the external environment – e.g., electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference from cellular networks, radio/TV towers, and nearby electronics and equipment, as well as physical factors like temperature and vibration.

Factors internal to the measurement system can also impact results – e.g., current leakage through poorly designed signal paths, resistive or thermal voltage shifts, materials energy storage, and electrical noise from essential probe system components like power supplies, stage motors, thermal systems, and computers.

If not properly managed, these factors can substantially degrade electrical performance with data offsets and increased statistical spread across the sample set. And bad data is expensive – time to re-test, extra modeling cycles, delayed product launch, and undervalued/underperforming products.



High Quality Data Doesn’t Happen by Accident

FormFactor’s experienced design team has repeatedly raised the performance bar for electrical measurements. Innovation after innovation, carefully developed alongside our valued customers, have resulted in an extensive toolkit of highly effective technologies: EMI/RFI and light shielding, electrical noise filtering, signal guarding, single-point grounding, noise decoupling, contact resistance reduction, capacitance and inductance management, and more. All of these technologies are proven successful across a wide temperature range and in fully automated operation, where challenges rise exponentially.

This meticulous attention to electrical measurement integrity is what distinguishes a FormFactor analytical probe system, enabling customer success with data integrity.



FormFactor Leads the Industry for Data Integrity

1990s 2000s 2010s
MicroChamber®and TopHat
AttoGuard®and PureLine™ Technology
Low-noise FemtoGuard™ Thermal Chuck
Low-noise triax cables
Tesla 10kV FemtoGuard
HV/HC Kelvin Chuck System
MicroVac™ Wafer Contact
Thermal noise filtering
Contact Intelligence™ Technology
High Position Accuracy
High Thermal Stability
Low-noise eVue IV digital microscope
Low-noise Thermal System
Flexible Shielded TopHat Feedthrough
Optical Stability Shield

Decades of rigorous application, by thousands of customers, have qualified these tools and made FormFactor the world market share leader, by a large margin, in analytical probe systems. Others might claim measurement performance, but FormFactor can prove it. See these technologies first hand at FormFactor’s worldwide demo centers.

FormFactor provides the full ecosystem for collecting high-quality, on-wafer electrical measurements – complete solutions with probe stations, chucks, probes, and cables.

DCP-HTR low-noise hightemperatureprobes
DCP-HTR low-noise high-temperature probes
Low-noise FemtoGuard triaxial thermal chuck
Low-noise FemtoGuard triaxial thermal chuck
Takumi DC-parametric small pitch probe card
Takumi DC parametric small pitch probe card