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  • Ultra High-Power - UHP Probe

The UHP probe allows wafer-level power device characterization in both high-current and high-voltage conditions with one touchdown and one setup. By eliminating the need for multiple probes and multiple measurement setup changes, the UHP probe enables easy, fast measurements of IGBT and MOSFET high-power devices at the wafer level, increasing throughput and improving measurement repeatability. Together with Tesla on-wafer power device characterization system, the UHP probe allow you to fully utilize the high-voltage/current switching capability of the latest ultra-high current and ultra-high voltage expander units.

  • Enables coaxial measurements up to 10,000 V and 300 A pulsed (600 A in a parallel configuration) with a single touchdown
  • Even distribution of high current with innovative multi-fingertip design
  • Compatible with Tesla 200/300 mm power device characterization system
  • Reduced measurement time by testing both high-voltage and high-current conditions with a single touchdown
  • Accurate characterization of a wide range of pad sizes and test currents, with minimum pad damage and contact resistance
  • Safe, reliable and repeatable high-current/voltage measurements over a wide temperature range (from -55°C to +300°C)

TESLA200 - 200mm High Power Probe System

The TESLA200 Advanced On-Wafer Power Semiconductor Probe System is an integrated high-power test solution that enables collection of accurate high voltage and high current measurement data, with complete operator safety.