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  • Ultra High-Power - UHP Probe

FormFactor’s Ultra-High-Power Probe (UHP), a high-voltage parametric probe, handles both high voltage (up to 10,000 V) and high current (up to 600 A) at a wide temperature range (-60ºC to 300ºC).

The high pulse current achieves full I-V characterization with one setup and one touchdown. Together with a TESLA on-wafer power device characterization system, the UHP fully utilizes the high-voltage/current capability of Keysight B1505A and N1265A Ultra High Current Expanders.

  • Enables coaxial measurements up to 10,000 V and 300 A pulsed (600 A in a parallel configuration) with a single touchdown
  • Even distribution of high current with innovative multi-fingertip design
  • Compatible with TESLA 200/300 mm power device characterization system
  • Reduced measurement time by testing both high-voltage and high-current conditions with a single touchdown
  • Accurate characterization of a wide range of pad sizes and test currents, with minimum pad damage and contact resistance
  • Safe, reliable and repeatable high-current/voltage measurements over a wide temperature range (from -55°C to +300°C)


TESLA200 - 200mm High Power Probe System

The TESLA200 Advanced On-Wafer Power Semiconductor Probe System is an integrated high-power test solution that enables collection of accurate high voltage and high current measurement data, with complete operator safety.