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Maximize the Performance of Your Pyramid Probe® Card

Advances in semiconductor design, as well as the rising expense of bringing new devices to market, have increased the importance of ensuring the longevity of test and measurement tools. Regularly scheduled maintenance and proper cleaning procedures can have a significant impact on extending the life of probe cards, which in turn can improve test throughput and yield. FormFactor offers a variety of training programs, including hands-on training at your location, to help your team optimize probe card performance. Our program is designed to provide Pyramid Probe customers the knowledge and skills required to ensure optimal Pyramid Probe performance and realize maximum useful life in engineering and production test environments.

Training and Certification Programs Site Review and Recommendation Report

A Site Review consists of inspection and assessment of test floor, equipment and procedures. Best practice recommendations implemented from this review can improve the overall performance and life of the Pyramid Probe card as well as other probing technology.

Classroom Training

The classroom training will cover handling and maintaining of the Pyramid Probe card. All related documentation will be reviewed so that every attendee fully understands how to optimize probe card life. Classroom training will cover documents for the following:

  • Pyramid Probe core user guide
  • Pyramid Probe off-line core cleaning with a brush
  • Pyramid Probe online cleaning methods
  • Pyramid Probe new core inspection
  • Pyramid Probe used core inspection

Certification Training: Classroom and Hands-on

In addition to classroom training, a hands-on session will take the individuals through the actual installation of the core into the printed circuit board and attendees will practice proper off-line cleaning techniques. A subsequent hands-on audit will be performed to ensure that all individuals understand the proper techniques. A written exam will be given at the end of the course. Upon passing the exam and the hands-on audit, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Certification Training With Site Review

Over the course of two days at your location, FormFactor specialists will provide both Classroom Training and Hands-on Training, concluding with exams for certification. In addition, the training team will assess the operating environment of the probe card and provide recommendations for optimal performance. Our most popular package, the combination of training and site evaluation will assist users in extending the life of the probe card to increase overall cost of ownership. Our comprehensive training and certification program equips you with the best practices and practical techniques to improve overall performance through proper handling of the Pyramid Probe cards.

  • Optimize the operating environment – reduce contamination and ensure the prober is cleaned on a regular basis to help reduce particle damage risks.
  • Care and handling – reduce the risk of excessive damage or wear by learning how to properly unpack, mount, remove, and store probe cards.
  • Inspect and assess – understand potential probe card defects and their impact, and what can be repaired or resolved.
  • Clean both off-line and online – reduce particles and contamination build-up for sustainable testing and extend probe card life.

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VNA Calibrations FAQ

Pyramid Probe cards may be calibrated just like any standard microwave probe. Do not expect the highest calibration accuracy, since Pyramid Probe cards are primarily aimed at production and functional test and are less suited to high-performance characterization applications.

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