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  • InfinityQuad - Multi-contact RF/mmW Probe

For repeatable and precise engineering tests of DC, logic, RF and mmWave RFIC devices, the InfinityQuad™ probe ensures reliable measurement results up to 110 GHz over a wide temperature range (-40 °C to 125 °C). The durable photo-lithographically defined fine-pitch tip structure enables probing of small pads down to 30 x 50 μm with minimum pad damage and consistent low contact resistance. The durable probe tips with small contact area of ~10 μm diameter ensure more than 250,000 touchdowns on Al pads, and provide accurate X, Y and Z alignment.

Pads as small as 30 μm x 50 μm become a reality in automated over-temperature probing applications. This allows the user to reduce pad sizes, saves device real estate space and lowers pad parasitics – both saving money and improving measurement accuracy.

InfinityQuad technology reduces the minimum size of the pad that can be used with a multi-contact, mixed-signal probe. And for customers already using small pads, you can repeatedly make contact with the pad – reducing the amount of time needed to manually test or eliminating the need to repeat automatic tests due to probes skating off the pads.

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  • Customizable configuration up to 25 contacts: RF, Eye-Pass power, ground, logic
  • Lithographically-defined tips allow automated over temperature measurement on pads as small as 30 µm x 50 µm
  • Low and repeatable contact resistance on aluminum pads (< 0.05 Ω) ensures accurate results
  • Durable probe structure ensures more than 250,000 contacts
  • Able to measure from -40°C to +125°C without compromising performance or accuracy of specifications