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  • Probe Station with Rollout Stage for Easy Manual Wafer Loading
  • Auxiliary Chucks for Holding Calibration Substrates and/or Cleansing Pads
  • CM300xi Probe Station with Economic Thermal System
  • Powerful High-performance Thermal System
  • Gold-plated High-power MicroVac™ Chuck

Chucks and Thermal Systems

All FormFactor wafer probe stations are fully integrated with an exclusively developed non-thermal chuck or a highly-reliable thermal chuck system from ATT. Depending on your application, temperature range and performance requirements we offer a large variety of thermal systems from -60°C to 300°C, ranging from the most powerful and fastest high-performance systems in the market to extremely economic systems providing the best cost-performance ratio you can get.

All our systems are nickel or gold-plated and guarantee superior electrical performance. Our patented MicroVac™ and FemtoGuard™ technologies provide advanced measurement accuracy and ultra-low wafer contact resistance, even for warped/thin wafers.

The modular concept for convenient and cost effective system upgrades provides highest safety of investment and easy customization.

Full Thermal Range Systems (-60°C to 300°C)

  • Most powerful and fastest high-performance systems for highly demanding requirements
  • Shortest transition times in the market
  • Optional ECO Mode for lower air consumption (CDA) than other systems in the market (365l/min)

Economic Thermal System (-40C° to 300°C)

  • 25% lower air consumption (CDA) than other systems in the market (300l/min)
  • Power Mode: 15% faster transition times than other systems in the market
  • Best cost-performance ratio of systems with a wide thermal range

Hot-Only Systems (+20°C/+30°C to 300°C)

  • Modular and field-upgradeable to cold (-40°C or -60°C): grows with your needs
  • Controlled Ambient Technology (+20°C): Precise temperature control, even below ambient temperatures, with no need of an additional chiller

Besides our technology-leading coaxial and triaxial chuck systems, our portfolio is complemented with the following specialized chucks:

  • RF/microwave chucks, equipped with up to three auxiliary chucks for holding calibration substrates and/or cleansing pads
  • High-power chucks with Taiko wafer handling capability, an anti-arcing solution and an auto-discharging system for high throughput and measurement accuracy, while providing a regulatory-certified safe testing environment
  • Double Side Chucks: Patented double side design can be configured to hold a variety of different substrate designs and sizes. Mainly used within emission microscopy systems, it can also be used to hold special substrates including MEMS dies held in square metal carriers.


*Chuck performance is specified in probe station Data Sheets.


  • Application flexibility: Coax, Triax, RF/mmW, High Power, Double Sided
  • Temperatures range from -60°C to +300°C
  • Surfaces are nickel or gold-plated
  • Hybrid chuck design – operation with and without cooling unit
  • Field-upgradeable: On-site cold upgrades for all main prober platforms

Highest Efficiency for Reduced Cost of Test

  • Up to 25% lower air consumption (CDA) than other systems on the market with no compromise in transition times
  • Up to 15% faster transition times than other systems on the market

Low Thermal Resistance

  • Low Thermal Resistance Technology
  • MultiSense with multiple temperature sensors
  • Best temperature accuracy and uniformity

Superior Electrical Performance

  • Isolated from ground
  • Includes a jack for grounding and biasing
  • Highly planar chuck surface for consistant contact force and overtravel

Patented MicroVac™ Technology

  • Advanced wafer vacuum system for warped/partial thin wafers
  • Provides uniform vacuum across the entire wafer surface
  • 495 micro-holes with 200 µm diameter patterned throughout the chuck
  • Five user selectable vacuum zones: even partial wafers that do not cover all the chuck vacuum holes are held down with uniform vacuum
  • Increased measurement accuracy with uniform device heat dissipation and ultra-low wafer contact resistance

Patented FemtoGuard™ Technology

  • Advanced shielding technology
  • Enables ultra-low noise, fully guarded measurements and controlled leakage
  • Low residual capacitance for repeatability and advanced measurement accuracy and speed

IntelligentDry Air Control

  • Active CDA purge control to reduce the dry air consumption

Auxiliary Chucks

  • Dedicated RF chucks come with up to three auxiliary chucks for holding calibration substrates and/or cleansing pads
  • Different materials available: Steel, Absorber, Ceramic


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