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  • IQ3000 cryogenic probe station
  • IQ3000 cryogenic probe station
  • HPD 4 Kelvin Cryogenic Probe Station
  • IQ3000 cryogenic probe station
  • IQ3000 cryogenic probe station
  • IQ3000 cryogenic probe station

 The HPD IQ3000 is a high precision fully automated probe station for 150 mm, 200 mm or 300 mm substrates in a 4 K environment. To accelerate the realization of commercial quantum and superconducting computers, we provide chip developers with the tools they need to intelligently iterate on their designs.  

The IQ3000 integrates configurable DC and RF cabling, with custom probe cards available for ultimate flexibility of test configurations. A robust design with integrated magnetic shielding provides the stable environmental conditions necessary to ensure the highest quality data for the most sensitive superconducting devices. Fully automated wafer loading and the sophisticated Velox™ software suite allows for high throughput testing and unattended operation for rapid time-to-data.  

FormFactor’s longstanding probing expertise and decades of precision cryogenic experience come together in this system to take superconducting device test and measurement out of the lab into fab. 

Applications: Quantum computing, superconducting chip development, quantum information science

Environmental Control

  • Wafer temp verified <4.5 K (with 44 RF probes in contact) ​
  • Magnetic field suppression to <200 nT​
  • Highly uniform wafer temperature
  • Precise thermal stability and control
  • Solid construction with granite base enables precision motion and vibration control


  • Easy exchange of customizable probe cards
  • Configurable for 150 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm wafers​
  • Up to 56 RF coax (up to 18 GHz)​
  • Up to 520 DC lines​


  • Options for fully automated wafer load or manual​
  • Complete software suite for manual, semi-auto, or fully automated probing

Time to data

  • 25 wafer cassette capacity for fully automated testing
  • ~15 minute cooldown time per wafer
  • High speed motion stages for quick die-to-die movement
  • Rigid motion stack for fast settling time