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  • QiLin Probe Card

To meet consumer demand for portable computing products that are attractively priced, consume less power and offer “always on” connectivity, the semiconductor industry has stepped up with advances in process and packaging technologies.

While leading-edge semiconductor technologies deliver important advantages for low-cost and low-power applications, they present significant challenges for wafer testing. For example, wafer test faces stringent electrical performance requirements, and continued scaling in pad pitch, density and probe force, combine to lower cost and cycle-time trajectories to meet the demands of consumer-driven end markets.

FormFactor addresses these challenges with the industry’s broadest portfolio of non-memory wafer test probe cards offering high parallelism for greater throughput, stable contact resistance for optimal test yield, and superior contact precision. Through on-going investments in its technology, the company can quickly scale to meet customers’ future technical roadmap requirements for performance and geometry shrinks. FormFactor delivers a suite of advanced MEMS, vertical and cantilever probe cards.

The QiLin™ probe card is a workhorse test solution for advanced Wafer Level Chip-scale Packaged (WLCSP) devices with a pitch range of 250-500 μm. Optimized for superior alignment and planarity, the multi-DUT product delivers robust performance with high reliability in aggressive production regimes. Central to the prober is a unique spring design that uses crown-tipped spring pins as the contact element. This feature delivers the necessary mechanical compliance for solder bump probing, but in a way that minimizes bump damage. In WLCSP environments, where probe performance is influencing costs more than ever, the QiLin vertical spring-pin product is lowering test time and costs for chipmakers worldwide.

  • Broad range of spring pins options for targeted application, with pitch ranging 250 – 500 um
  • Variety of tip materials for maximum lifetime
  • Replaceable individual probes for easy maintenance