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  • T-Wave Probe - Multiline TRL Cal Substrates

Millimeter- and submillimeter-wave calibration substrates, optimized for T-Wave™ probes. The multiline TRL calibration substrates offer CPW standards including reflect (short), thru and two lines and are recommended to use with WinCal XE™ calibration software. Some off-set short and off-set open structures are included for additional measurements.


  • Substrate material: High-resistivity silicon
  • Substrate thickness: 275 µm
  • Dielectric constant: 11.8
  • Nominal Z0: 50 Ω

Impedance Standard Substrate Maps

Part Number Description Pitch (μm)
Multi-line TRL Substrate, WR1.0, WR2.2,
WR3.4, WR4.3, WR5.1
Multi-line TRL Substrate, WR2.2, WR3.4, WR4.3, WR5.1 50
Multi-line TRL Substrate, WR3.4, WR4.3, WR5.1 75 and 100