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Wafer/Multi-chip Cryogenic Systems

Our wafer/multi-chip probe systems for Quantum Cryogenics include high precision, fully-automated probe stations for 150 mm and 200 mm substrates in a 4 K environment. FormFactor’s longstanding probing expertise and decades of precision cryogenic experience come together in these systems to take superconducting device test and measurement out of the lab into the fab.

Chip-scale Cryogenic Systems

The HPD Cryogenic Chip-scale Probe Stations tackle problems like long turnaround times, high noise, and low signal capabilities. By employing world class technology and superior cryogenic probing knowledge, these systems enable accurate measurements at cryogenic temperatures.

Dilution Refrigerators

FormFactor’s JDry cryogen-free dilution refrigerators enable easy and cost-effective cooling to temperatures below 10 mK. The JDry models have been optimized for quantum computing applications and can accommodate up to 270 semirigid cables. General-purpose configurations and astronomy/detector cooling are also provided.

He3 Cryostats

Helium-3 cryostats are well-suited for STM, NMR, ARPES, and a wide variety of other sub-Kelvin applications. He-3 cryostats can be top- or bottom-loading, configured for “wet” or “dry” (cryogen-free) operation, and with samples in ultra high vacuum, liquid, gas, and magnetic fields.