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  • Multi-contact DC-Q Probe

The DCQ probes use controlled impedance, ceramic blade needles for low noise and high performance. This needle
style allows the placement of high-quality bypass capacitors with very little series inductance due to their close
proximity to the probe tip. All of the needles are connected to a common ground plane but individual needles
can be easily (ground) isolated for additional low noise performance. A maximum of 16 needles are available for
standard configurations and a maximum of 24 needles for custom configurations.

  • Power bypass inductance: 8 nH
  • Standard DCQ probes have flat tip needles available in nickel-plated tungsten or BeCu with diameters of 0.75 mil, 1.0 mil and 1.5 mil.
  • Supports collinear and non-standard needle configurations
  • Up to 16 DC for standard; maximum of 24 DC for custom
  • Ideal for probing the entire circuit for functional test
  • DC probes can provide power or slow logic to circuit under test