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  • Akari - LED Test Probe Card

Akari probe cards, with both multi-site and single-site/2-pin options, deliver a high-precision test solution for LEDs. Leveraging FormFactor’s 3D MEMS MicroSpring® technology, Akari provides consistent and small scrub marks for minimal damage on gold pads. With fewer particles generated, Akari probe cards require less maintenance and allow for longer cleaning intervals. Akari’s excellent 3D MEMS spring stability ensures contact accuracy over millions of touchdowns. Designed for low and stable contact resistance, Akari is optimized to help LED suppliers achieve fewer re-sorts and maximize yields.


  • Long life probe over 15M touch downs on gold pads
  • Accurate tip positioning enables pad size reduction, allowing more die per wafer for higher throughput, and more light intensity from a die
  • Laser alignment mark on probe for visual pad to tip alignment