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R&D labs need test and measurement systems with the ability to manifest extreme environments. Quantum computing, quantum sensing, fundamental electrical transport property, and magnetic property studies subject sample materials and devices to cryogenic temperatures approaching absolute zero, often with high magnetic fields or shielding to eliminate these fields. FormFactor partners with Lake Shore Cryotronics and Keysight Technologies to offer researchers a comprehensive suite of tools.

MeasureOne Benefits Include

  • Guaranteed system configuration to accommodate a wide variety of extreme environmental conditions
  • Measurement solutions pre-validated
  • Test continuity from investigation through device characterization and on to process quality control
  • Installation and service support
  • Technology expertise to address future requirements
FormFactor, Inc.
Keysight Premium Solutions Partner
Lake Shore Cryogenics

Solution Components Include


  • Keysight Technologies PXI-based Quantum Control System With Labber Control Software.
  • Keysight Technologies general purpose instrumentation (SMUs, meters, PNA-X, B1500A, etc.).
  • FormFactor vacuum/pressure systems for dies and wafers up to 200 mm at pressures from < 1×10-5 mbar to 4 bar (abs.).
  • FormFactor semi-automated cryogenic wafer/multi-chip probe systems for characterization of IR bolometers, MEMS, and other optical/electronic/mechanical dies and wafers up to 300 mm from < 7 K to 77 K.
  • FormFactor IQ3000 fully-automated cryogenic wafer/multi-chip probe system for 150mm and 200mm quantum computing wafer test down to 4K.
  • FormFactor IQ2000 and other semi-automated chip-scale probe systems for sample testing down to 4K.
  • Lake Shore Cryotronics cryogenic probe stations for characterization of small material samples and devices (typically less than 100 mm) down to 2 Kelvin and with magnetic field strengths up to 2.5 Tesla.
  • FormFactor Model 106 and other ADR (adiabatic demagnetization refrigeration) cryostats for sample testing down to 30 mK.