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  • Multi-|Z| Probe

The Multi |Z| Probe® is a new dimension in RF/microwave multiport and digital signal testing. It uses the same patented technology as other |Z| Probes, but can carry up to 16 RF/microwave signals on one probe. Additionally, DC and RF/microwaves signals can be mixed on the probe, allowing you to add power biasing along with RF signals.

When several individual pads must be contacted by a single probe, it is extremely important that the contact structures are perfectly aligned. Thanks to the MEMS technology used, the Multi |Z| Probe can contact up to 35 pads. Furthermore, small variances in pad height, are easily overcome by the spring-like movement of the independent contacts.

The Multi |Z| Probe can be configured to test DC signals for your DC-test applications if necessary. For single-ended applications, please see the |Z| Probe. For applications requiring just two signals, the Dual |Z| Probe is available. The Multi |Z| Probe can also be integrated into the |Z| Probe Card for high-throughput RF testing.

  • Ideal for multiport RF/Microwave and high-speed digital signal testing
  • Mix DC and RF/Microwave signals on one probe
  • Long lifetime – typically over one million (1,000,000) touchdowns
  • Excellent performance in temperatures ranging from 10 K to 200°C
  • Probe on any pad material with no damage