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  • MPS150 - 150 mm probe station
  • MPS150 - 150 mm RF Probe Station with VDI Frequency Extenders
  • RF Probe Station with Focus Microwaves Delta Tuners for Load-pul
  • MPS150 TRIAX
  • MPS150 RF
  • MPS150 mm-Wave
  • MPS150 Terahertz
  • MPS150 Failure Analysis
  • MPS150 High Power

Customize your 150 mm probe station based on flexible modules at an incredible price!

FormFactor introduces a new modular concept for its best-in-class 150 mm probe stations. This will make it even easier to configure your individual probe solution for current and future needs at an incredible price. Simply choose a base station and add as many application-specific starter kits as you need.

150 MM Manual Open Probe Station

Available Options

Cascade MPS150 Microscope


  • Stereo Zoom Microscope
  • High Resolution Microscope
MPS150 Application Starter Kit

Application Starter Kit (incl. Probes)

  • IV/CV
  • RF Basic
  • mmW Basic
  • Keysight N5291 (Advanced mmW)
  • VDI Mini Extenders (Advanced mmW)
  •  Focus Microwaves Delta Tuners (Advanced Load-pull)
  • Advanced THz
  • Failure Analyis
  • High Power
RF Positioner Kit

Positioner Kit

  • Basic
  • Advanced mmW / THz / Load-pull
150 mm Probe Chuck


  • Coax
  • Triax
  • RF
  • Thermal
  • High Power
MPS150 Base Station

Base Station

  • Basic
  • Advanced mmW / THz / Load-pull

Example: Complete 150 mm Entry-level IV/CV Manual Probe Station

MPS150 - 150 mm probe station

Additional Configuration Examples

150mm Coax Probe Station

Coax – DC parametric test down to pA levels

  • Movable platen with 40 mm height adjustment, 200 μm contact / separation stroke and ± 1 μm repeatability
  • Chuck stage with adjustable friction & stage lock, unique Z chuck adjustment and 90 mm pull-out
  • Magnetic positioners with 1 μm feature resolution and 3 linear axes with precision ball bearing

Triax – Low-noise measurements down to fA levels

  • Stereo microscope: 15x–100x magnification with large field-of-view and camera-ready c-mount
  • Four triax probe arms and high-quality triax cables
  • Light/EMI shielding (optional)
  • Upgrade option for fF-level measurements
  • TRIAX chuck with ±8 fine theta chuck rotation, three auxiliary areas, chuck surface with ±5 μm planarity for consistent contact force and overtravel
  • East/West to North/South measurements with single setup

RF test up to 67 GHz

MPS150 mm-Wave

mmW - 70 GHz through sub-THz and load-pull

  • SlimVue microscope with quick lens exchange, 1 μm optical resolution, resolving ‹50 μm pads
  • Engraved guides on mmW platen for application-specific SIGMA Kits
  • Supports broadband, load pull, coax RF and banded waveguide configuration
  • Optical feedback on platen position (gauge)
  • Vibration Isolation Platform
MPS150 Terahertz

mmW probing up to THz and load-pull

  • SlimVue microscope with quick lens exchange, 1 μm opitcal resolution, resolving ‹50 μm pads
  • Engraved guides on mmW platen for application-specific SIGMA Kits
  • Supports broadband, load pull, coax RF and banded waveguide configuration
  • Optical feedback on platen position (gauge)
  • Rock-solid mechanical design and vibration isolation platform
  • Submicron stage accuracy
  • Motorized positioners
  • <+-1 μm separation repeatability
  • Micrometer-accuracy and repeatable probe placement and over travel
MPS150 Failure Analysis

Failure analysis and design debug

  • Stable microscope bridge design and XY microscope with up to 4000x magnification*
  • Laser cutter and camera ready
  • Contact submicron features
  • Simultaneous use of probe card and single needles*
  • Chuck ready for single DUT
  • Quickest transition from wafer-to-chip-to-package
  • Vacuum positioners with 1 μm feature resolution
  • DPP450 positioner with nanometer resolution and accuracy*

* Optional - Additional costs apply. Contact sales representative for information.

MPS150 High Power

On-wafer power device characterization

  • Multi-purpose SIGMA instrument integration kit
  • Triax probe with protected guard
  • Seamless integration of various analyzers
  • Triax chuck with surface coating for low-leakage measurements up to 3 kV, high-isolation ready
  • High-current measurements up to 100 A with lowest contact resistance
  • Optional upgrade for 10 kV (coax) operating voltage
  • Thin wafer handling capability
  • Arcing protection and advanced grounding concept
  • Shield Enclosure with interlock for EMI/light-tight environment
  • Maximum protection from high-voltage shock for users and devices
Probe Station based on Flexible Modules


  • Ideal for a wide range of applications such as RF, mm-Wave and sub-THz characterization, FA, DWC, MEMS, optoelectronic tests and WL
  • Re-configurable and upgradable as requirements grow
  • Minimizes setup times with no loss in performance or accuracy
  • Seamless integration of various measurement instruments

150mm Stable Solid Station Frame


  • Solid station frame
  • Built-in vibration-isolation solution for superior vibration attenuation
  • Rigid microscope bridge
  • Compact and rigid mechanical design
  • Highly accurate measurement results
  • Incorporates best-known methods

MPS150 Straightforward Design

Ease of Use

  • Ergonomic and straightforward design for comfortable and easy operation
  • Low-profile design
  • Simple microscope operation
  • Quick and ergonomic change of DUT through pull-out stage
  • Minimize training efforts
  • Fast time to data
  • Convenient operation


MPS150 Modular Probe Station Starting at $13,880

FormFactor’s MPS150 probe station enables fast and precise manual handling of wafers and substrates up to 150 mm. It is the industry’s probe platform of choice for IV/CV, RF, mm-Wave, Terahertz, Load-Pull, High Power, Failure Analysis and Silicon Photonics measurements.


Flexible Cascade MPS150 Modular 150mm Probe Station

The MPS150 is an easy to use, yet highly-precise manual probe platform for wafers and substrates up to 150 mm. Pre-configured application-focused probing solutions are available with everything you need to achieve accurate measurement results in the shortest time, with maximum confidence. The MPS150 is the industry’s probe platform of choice.


Load-Pull Tuning with FormFactor’s CM300xi and Focus Microwave’s Low Frequency DELTA Tuners

Focus Microwave’s new low frequency DELTA tuners have been seamlessly integrated onto FormFactor’s CM300xi automated wafer probe station. The solution provides high VSWR fundamental and harmonic tuning and covers a wide frequency range of 1.8 to 40 GHz.


Turnkey Solution for Load-Pull Modeling and Characterization of 5G Devices and Transistor Circuits

FormFactor has partnered up with Focus Microwaves and Keysight to provide the most advanced turn-key solution for high-frequency fundamental and harmonic load pull measurements up to 110 GHz.


Recognize Pure Genius in Test and Measurement Innovation

We salute the geniuses who have contributed to the advancement of the semiconductor industry. From the early pioneers to the research labs in today’s universities, see how their contributions have moved the industry forward.


EPS150 Installation Overview

This video shows the quick and easy installation of the EPS150 packages EPS150COAX, EPS150COAXPLUS, EPS150TRIAX and EPS150RF with boom-stand and Motic stereo microscope. The tutorial guides through the different installation steps and demonstrates fine adjustment capabilities.


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