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Integrated Measurement System with Keysight VNA for S-parameters from RF to mmW to THz

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  • Integrated Measurement System - Keysight - mmW THz

Comprehensive, Turn-key Integrated Measurement System (IMS) with Keysight PNA for On-wafer R&D Measurements from RF to millimeter wave to Terahertz

FormFactor and partner Keysight applications experts will help you configure a robust, complete solution, including:

  • FormFactor probe system: CM300xi, SUMMIT200, EPS150RF, EPS150MMW (others available)
  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic probes station options
  • FormFactor analytical probes: Infinity, InfinityXT, T-Wave (others available) on manual or motorized positioners
  • FormFactor calibration accessories: WinCal XE, Impedance Standard Substrate for LRRM, Multiline TRL Cal Substrate calibrations (others avail.)
  • FormFactor RF automation software: Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant for improved uncertainty and throughput optional)
  • Full over temperature measurements and automation from -60°C to +200°C
  • Keysight vector network analyzer and frequency extenders up to 130GHz : N5290A/91A PNA MM-Wave, N524xB PNA-X, N522xB PNA (others available)
  • Keysight automation and modeling software: WaferPro XP, PathWave, IC-CAP
  • Virginia Diodes (VDI) Mini frequency extenders for measurement from 75GHz to 1.1THz (optional)
  • Easy swap RF application arms for mounting RF coax, mm-wave coax, waveguide extenders and load-pull tuners
  • To complete the system: cables, adapters, mounting hardware, etc.

Industry’s Most Productive and Accurate S-Parameter Measurement System

FormFactor’s Autonomous RF Measurement Assistant automates S-parameter measurements for continuous 24/7 testing, to triple device throughput and ensure accurate data through automatic calibration monitoring, instrument re-calibration and camera-guided adaptive probe placement on every device, even at multiple temperatures -60°C to +200°C. Tightly integrated instrumentation from industry leader Keysight completes the system to deliver best possible measurement accuracy and repeatability.

Fastest, Safest, and Most Affordable Path to High Quality Measurements

Pre-validated, turn-key, comprehensive, integrated measurement systems from FormFactor deliver peace of mind and immediate, out-of-the-box productivity for important test applications.

These benefits are provided at no extra cost. IMS solutions from FormFactor include no markups over Keysight pricing or integration charges.

Only one S-parameter system in the world is built upon the foundations of the #1 leader in R&D instrumentation plus the #1 leader in analytical probe systems – the FormFactor IMS-K-mmW/THz.

Applications: RF/mmW