Evaluation of RF Calibration Substrate Lifetime and Accuracy for mW Production Test Cells | Bock

Verification of Singulated HBM2 stacks with Die Level Handler | Armstrong, Kiyokawa, Nhin

Katana RFx: A New Technology for Testing High Speeed RF Applications Within TI | Mair

High Parallelism Probe Card on V93000 Direct-Probe™ System to Increase Testing Throughput on Automotive ICs | Heitzer, Chen, Effenberg, Hirschmann, Zuendorf, Liao, Phipps



Advanced Testing Technology for Emerging Automotive Applications | Stillman, Leong, Bhardwaj

Vertical MEMS Probe Technology For Advanced Packaging | Leong

Verification of HBM through Direct Probing on MicroBumps | Loranger, Moon



Review of New, Flexible MEMS Technology to Reduce Cost of Test for Multi-site Wire Bond Applications | Stillman, Eldridge

High performance HBM Known Good Stack Testing | Loranger, Oonk

Determining Probe’s Maximum Allowable Current | Cassier, Folwarski, Kister, Leong
Winner of “Most Inspirational Presentation”

Minimizing Parametric Probe Card Stray Capacitance | Soler, Levy



Reliable Testing of Cu Pillar Technology For Smart Devices  | Bezuk, Cassier, Leong, Miller, Slessor, Syed, Zhao

Cost Effective 1,000V High Voltage Parametric Test Technique | Andoh, Ishibiki, Kawamata, Funatoko

Advance Low Force Probe cards Used on Solder Flip Chip Devices | Stillman, Hughes

Key Considerations to Probe Cu Pillars in High Volume Production | Wittig, Leong, Nguyen, Masi, Kister, Slessor
Winner of “Best Overall Presentation”

Can testers and probe cards keep up with speed requirements for image sensors? | Levy, Kawamata, Hamajima

International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors | Armstrong, Feldman, Loranger



Use of Resource Sharing Techniques to Increase Parallel Test and Test Coverage in Wafer Test | Huebner

Methods of Analyzing/Predicting Scrub Margin for Pads and Bump Applications | Watson

Probing Study of Fine-pitch Cu Pillars | Leong, Wittig, Nguyen, Hulic, Slessor

Trends, Challenges, and Solutions in Advanced SoC Wafer Probe | Slessor, Kister, Eldridge, Nguyen, Leong

When Brick Wall is Not the Best, PART II (A Touch Down Optimization Study) | Wegleitner, Berry

Beyond ISMI: Electric Current Capacity of Vertical Probes Under Pulsed and Transient Signals | Hughes



IEEE Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop, 28nm Mobile SoC Copper Pillar Probing Study | Horas, Leong, Hulic

Is parametric testing about to enter a period of growth and innovation? | Levy

28nm Mobile SoC Copper Pillar Probing Study | Horas, Leong, Hulic

Crossover in TD efficiency – When Brick Wall is Not the Best | Breinlinger

Actual vs. Programmed Over Travel for Advanced Probe Cards | Berry, Breinlinger, Rincon



A HOT Topic: Current Carrying Capacity, Tip Melting and Arcing | Huebner

IEEE Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop, A Flexible Vertical MEMs Probe Card Technology for Pre-Bump and eWLP Applications | Slessor & Marshall

IEEE Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop, Evaluation of New Probe Technology on SnAg and Copper Bumps | Wittig, Leong, Hulic

IEEE Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop, Key Design Parameters to Maximize Probe Current Carrying Capability | Kister
Winner of “Best Paper-Tutorial in Nature”

Wafer Probes: 8 Parameters for Current-carrying Capability in Semiconductor Test | Kister



Benefits of Flip Chip Wafer Sort using MEMs Multi Site Capability | Tick, Pierra

Addressing the Operating Challenges of Full Wafer Contactors | Breinlinger

Expanding Test Coverage at Sort to Reduce Overall Product Costs | Levy

High Speed Control Bus for Advanced TRE™ | Huebner
Winner – Best Presentation, Tutorial in Nature

Semicon West TechSITE North, Meeting the Economic and Technical Challenges of Wafer Test Slessor



Highest Parallel Test for DRAM Enabled through Advanced TRE (Tester Resource Enhancement) | Huebner

Improving Scrub Performance and Reducing Soak Time with a New Mechanism to Stabilize Probe Card Temperature | Harker, Lin, Pearce

MicroProbe Vx-RF Probe Card Technology | Slessor, Kister, Degan, Nagler, Nouri

IEEE Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop, MicroProbe Vx-RF Probe Card Technology | Nagler, Degen, Nouri, Kister & Slessor



MicroProbe Vx-MP Probe Card Technology | Kister, Hopkins

40k Probes on 300mm Probe Card – another step towards 1 touchdown DRAM SORT | Huebner

IEEE Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop, MicroProbe Vx-MP Probe Card Technology | Kister & Hopkins



Electrical Contact Resistance – The Key Parameter in Probe Card Performance | Kister, Hopkins
Winner – Best Data Presentation

Wafer Probing Scrub Analysis to Optimize KGD Applications | Wang, Martens, Wijeyesekera, Matsubayashi, Napier, Leong

Key Methods in Reducing Pad Crack Risk at Probing Low-k Wafers | Romreill, Leong

Probes A New Dimension in Probe Count | Huebner, Hatsumori, Pritzkau, Kawamata, Matsuo

IEEE Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop, Electrical Contact Resistance – The key Parameters in Probe Card Performance | Kister & Hopkins



One Touch 300mm Wafer Probing | Wijeyesekera, Shinde



DDR2 DRAM High-Frequency Test at Probe (HFTAP) | Ozawa, Funatoko



Cost-Effective Fully Tested Die with High Frequency and High Throughput Wafer Test Solution | Ozawa, Minamihashimoto, Sagamihara

Optimization of MicroSpring® Contact Design Parameters for Low Pressure Probing | Martens, Levy

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