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  • DCP-X Probe
  • DCP-X Probe
  • DCP-X Probe
  • DCP-X Probe

The new DCP-X probe is designed for Device characterization, R&D, and Test Services Engineers, and Scientists, who need to perform highest accuracy and repeatable on-wafer device electrical measurements (IV, CV, LFN) for device characterization and modelling, and general DC testing on small pads.


DCP-X Probe

  • High accuracy with no misleading test data
  • Small scrub (7μm) with only 20μm overdrive
  • Probe all pad materials & slotted pads without tip deformation
  • Reduced tip damage / contamination
  • Long lifetime with >500,000 touchdowns (Kelvin version)
  • Less time cleaning with low scrub MEMs tip minimizes debris