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Integrated Measurement System with Keysight VNAs and Focus Microwaves tuners for On-Wafer Load-Pull Measurements

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  • Cascade IMS-K-Load-Pull Probe System
  • Cascade IMS-K-Load-Pull Probe System
  • Cascade IMS-K-Load-Pull Probe System

Comprehensive, Turn-key On-wafer Load-pull Integrated Measurement System (IMS) with Keysight Vector Network Analyzers and Focus Microwaves tuners

FormFactor and solution partners Keysight Technologies and Focus Microwaves applications experts will help you configure a robust, complete solution, including:

  • FormFactor probe systems: CM300xiSUMMIT200EPS200MMW (others available)
  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic probe station options
  • FormFactor analytical probes: InfinityInfinityXTACP, |Z| probes, T-Wave, (others available) on manual or motorized positioners
  • FormFactor calibration accessories: WinCalImpedance Standard Substrate for LRRM, Multiline TRL Cal Substrate calibrations (others available)
  • FormFactor IceShield insert with full thermal capability from -60°C to +300°C
  • FormFactor exclusive RF TopHat with probe window for EMI and light-tight testing
  • Keysight vector network analyzers and frequency extenders up to 130GHz: N5290A/91A PNA mm-Wave, N524xB PNA-X, P50xxB Streamline VNA (others available)
  • Focus Microwaves premium tuners, ranging from Fundamental, Harmonic, Low-Frequency, Active, & Manual for coaxial and waveguide vector load-pull
  • To complete the system: cables, adapters, mounting hardware, etc.

Best-in-Class Tuning Range Performance with Minimized Insertion Loss and Optimized Gamma

The tuners from Focus Microwaves are specifically designed for on-wafer integration, which allows them to be located as close to the wafer as physically possible, without the need for a coupler or a cable. FormFactor’s probes can be directly connected to the test port of the tuner, which minimizes insertion loss and maximizes gamma, allowing a very large cover of tunable impedances over the Smith chart. FormFactor’s IceShield platen insert solution allows for frost-free operations at low temperatures and high relative humidity. Tightly integrated instrumentation from industry leader Keysight completes the system to deliver best possible measurement accuracy and repeatability.

Fastest, Low-Risk, and Most Affordable Path to High Quality Measurements

Pre-validated, turn-key, comprehensive, integrated measurement systems from FormFactor deliver peace of mind and immediate, out-of-the-box productivity for important test applications.

These benefits are provided at no extra cost. IMS solutions from FormFactor include no markups over Keysight and Focus pricing, or integration charges.

Only one on-wafer load-pull system in the world is built upon the foundations of the #1 leader in R&D instrumentation plus the #1 leader in analytical probe systems – the FormFactor IMS-K-Load-Pull.

Applications: On-wafer RF/mmW load-pull