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Pyramid RF

Pyramid RF Probe cards provide best-in class RF performance and maintain exceptional signal integrity from the tester interface to the die for semiconductor wafer test. Capable of probing beyond 80 GHz, Pyramid probes provide the highest fidelity measurements for RF applications. Pyramid is capable of both high-volume manufacturing and engineering applications due to its minimal pad damage and low probe inductance. FormFactor’s Pyramid probes have the lowest ground inductance available in a probe card allowing for optimized RF measurements of any RF application from cell phone RF Front End parts to Automotive Radar chips.

5G mmWave

Millimeter wave frequency transmission and active antenna arrays are the backbone of the emerging 5G capabilities. Formfactor’s Pyramid Probe Card with membrane technology is the only production proven solution in the mmWave range. Pyramid, now with higher parallelism capability is the probing solution for the high RF line counts and low inductance requirements needed for 5G applications.

RF-Front End

The rapid paced RF Front End market demands high fidelity RF measurement with new design turn times that are much faster than many logic applications. Filters, Switches, PA’s and other sensitive RF devices make up the Front End module in todays smart devices require test solutions that can keep up with the high frequency requirements and offer ongoing improvements in COO. Formfactor Pyramid Probe cards provide industry proven solutions for meeting these requirements today and in the 5G world to come.

High Speed Digital

In digital communication, timing is the most essential element. Whether this is reflected in a wide open eye diagram, a pico-second rise time, devices working at these speeds need RF performance. Pyramid Probe cards from Formfactor provide demonstrated solutions for all high speed applications including TIA/Driver’s, optical transceivers PAM4 and others with a low inductance, highly isolated test solution.