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  • MPS150-SiPh Manual Silicon Photonics Probe Station
  • MPS150-SiPh
  • MPS150-SiPH
  • MPS150-SiPh modular arms
  • MPS150-SiPh Chuck

Entry Level Manual Probe Station for Surface Coupling and Horizontal Edge Coupling

FormFactor introduces a cost-effective silicon photonics measurement solution to support fundamental research work for emerging applications. Designed into the system are FormFactor’s years of experience developing automated photonics measurement systems – now tailored to the needs of universities and other entry-level users.

The MPS150-SiPh ensures optical fibers can be precisely aligned to couple light in and out of a device without physical contact. Leveraging its intuitive design, the MPS150-SiPh is the perfect solution for less experienced users to discover photonics and achieve highest accuracy test results.

MPS150-SiPh Probe System - Retro Mirror Technology

Retro-Mirror Technology

  • Unique DUT holder allows high precision horizontal viewing
  • CalVue and DieVue enables users to adjust optical probes for achieving optimal measurement performance
  • Allows surface coupling and horizontal edge coupling for single fibers and fiber arrays

Tip-tilt Base Positioner

Tip-tilt Base Positioner

  • Manual or automated adjustment of the incident angle in 6 degrees of freedom
  • Leverages standard fiber holders

MPS150-SiPh Probe System - Optical Performance

Optical Performance

  • System can be equipped with FormFactor’s revolutionary eVue digital imaging system or high-performance SlimVue microscope
  • The eVue’s revolutionary design provides the perfect balance between optical resolution, digital zoom and live motion video. The system enables to navigate, observe and measure devices faster and smarter than ever before.
  • The SlimVue™ microscope mitigates mechanical interference for high-magnification optics required for small-pad probing on photonics-integrated circuits (PIC).
  • The system enables the user to navigate, observe and measure devices faster and smarter than ever before 
  • Spectrum software allows the user to measure z-displacement 

MPS150-SiPh Modular Solution

Modular Solution

  • The prober hardware can be easily swapped if the user’s measurement requirements change
  • Provides maximum measurement flexibility: Platen extensions can be configured to perform 3-port photonics and/or electrical measurements
  • Automated positioners can be configured to obtain an even faster measurement result.

MPS150-SiPh Probe System

Ease of Use

  • Ergonomic and straightforward design for comfortable and easy operation
  • Intuitive operation workflow makes measurements as easy as possible for all experience levels
  • Quick and ergonomic change of DUT through pull-out stage