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  • IQ3000 cryogenic probe station
  • IQ3000 cryogenic probe station
  • HPD IQ3000 with probe card
  • PAC200 200 mm Semi-automated Cryogenic Probe Station

Cryogenic integrated system with Keysight A-LFNA for 1/f flicker noise, RTN, phase noise, device characterization, and other low-frequency noise measurements from room temperature to 4K.

FormFactor and partner Keysight applications experts will help you configure a robust, complete solution, including:

  • FormFactor probe system: IQ3000, PAC200 (others available)
  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic probes station options
  • FormFactor custom probe cards: Cryogenic Cantilever, or Cryogenic Apollo Vertical Probes (Other probe options available)
  • FormFactor wafer automation software: Velox 3 for unattended probing over temperature on small pads
  • Full over temperature measurements and automation from 4K to Room Temperature (system dependent)
  • Keysight advanced low-frequency noise analyzer (A-LFNA): E4727B
  • Keysight automation and modeling software: PathWave WaferPro (WaferPro Express)
  • To complete the system: cables, adapters, mounting hardware, etc.

Industry’s Most Productive and Accurate Advanced Low-Frequency Noise Measurement System

On-wafer 1/f noise measurements are a critical component of any characterization and modeling test system. Due to the required sensitivity, such testing can be easily corrupted by interference from outside or inside the test system. Overcoming these challenges requires carefully designed equipment from the industry’s foremost test and probe solution providers, cooperating to provide highly sensitive measurements in an ultra-low spectral noise environment. Tightly integrated instrumentation from industry leader Keysight completes the system to deliver best possible measurement accuracy and repeatability.

Fastest, Safest, and Most Affordable Path to High Quality Measurements

Pre-validated, turn-key, comprehensive, integrated measurement systems from FormFactor deliver peace of mind and immediate, out-of-the-box productivity for important test applications.

These benefits are provided at no extra cost. IMS solutions from FormFactor include no markups over Keysight pricing or integration charges.

The world’s most advanced low-frequency noise measurement system – the FormFactor IMS-K-LFN – is now available for cryogenic applications with the IMS-K-Cryo-LFN.

Applications: Low-Frequency Noise, Cryo CMOS

  • Temperature control from <4K to Room Temperature
  • Fully automatic and semi automatic wafer exchange configurations available
  • Velox automated wafer probing software
  • Fast exchange times ~20 minutes from Room Temperature to 4K.