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  • PQ500 Cryostat Socket
  • PQ500 Cryostat Socket
  • PQ500 Cryostat Socket
  • PQ500 Cryostat Socket

The HPD PQ500, an innovative, high-density RF and DC socket interface for FormFactor’s HPD cryostats, enables developers to test chips without days-long delays for wire bonding and packaging, providing faster time to data. The new test system, the first commercial product of its kind, allows scientists to easily probe DUT pads at temperatures lower than 50 mK, providing the means for earlier and simpler characterization of device features in superconducting or silicon spin qubits, and other devices tested at cryogenic temperatures.

As the quantum industry matures and scales up the number of qubits for commercialization, accelerating test setup and ease-of-use becomes a priority. The PQ500 simplifies the test process for singulated die to accelerate test setup.

  • Comprehensive I/O connections: Standard setup of up to 24 RF lines (up to 20 GHz) and 48 DC lines, with extensions to higher I/O connections possible.
  • Non-magnetic construction: Capable of characterizing qubits below 50 mK without magnetic interference when required.
  • Sample size: Proven with chips up to 10×10 mm in size.
  • Pressure-based contact: Connect test and measurement I/O to DUT pads using pressure only. No permanent connection required.