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300 mm Systems

Cascade 300 mm probe stations set the standard for manual and automated on-wafer test, delivering the precision and versatility needed to address a wide range of advanced, complex testing requirements.

Autonomous Assistants

FormFactor’s Contact Intelligence technology combines smart hardware design and innovative software algorithms to provide accurate probe-to-pad alignment and electronic recalibrations in engineering labs and many production applications. FormFactor now has specialized Contact Intelligence assistants for autonomous RF, DC and Silicon Photonics (SiPh) testing.

Integrated Measurement Systems

FormFactor’s IMS products deliver robust, turn-key functionality, peace of mind, and a faster path to collecting high-quality on-wafer measurement data for today’s important and challenging test applications. Integrated Measurement Systems unite instruments and other products from FormFactor’s partners, including Keysight Technologies, along with FormFactor’s probe systems, probes, and everything else needed to deliver critical data for devices and integrated circuits on the wafer.