LIVERMORE, Calif., June 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FormFactor, Inc. (NASDAQ:FORM), a leading semiconductor test and measurement supplier, today announced that SEEQC, the Digital Quantum Computing company, has deployed FormFactor’s recently announced integrated measurement solution to markedly expedite its quantum computing research and development program. The measurement solution, including the sub-50mK HPD Model 106 Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator (ADR) and the PQ500 RF and DC probe socket, complements sub-10mK dilution refrigerators to accelerate cryogenic test cycles by more than two times.

As the quantum computing industry matures and scales up the number of qubits for commercialization, accelerating test cycles becomes a priority. FormFactor’s innovative new PQ500 high-density probe socket, the first commercial product of its kind, allows scientists to directly probe quantum computing processor dies inside ultra-low temperature cryostats like ADRs.

“Wire-bonding of high-performance quantum and classical superconducting integrated circuits is a time-consuming, low reliability process that is a common hassle for many cryogenic electronics developers,” said Oleg Mukhanov, CTO of SEEQC, a developer of quantum computing systems in which superconducting qubit and single flux quantum (SFQ) chips are combined to achieve high system scalability.

“With FormFactor’s probe socket solution, we have been able to eliminate wire-bonding for qubits, SFQ circuits, and multi-chip modules for faster device characterization to identify the known-good die for final quantum testing. This has streamlined and improved our device characterization process especially in providing fast feedback to our foundry fabricating superconducting integrated circuits and multi-chip modules.”

“SEEQC is an early adopter of FormFactor’s innovative test technologies. Our collaboration with SEEQC delivers the capability that truly addresses the unique test and measurement challenges with the emerging quantum computing industry,” said Amy Leong, Senior VP and General Manager of the Emerging Growth Business Unit at FormFactor. “It’s one more step on our roadmap to bring productivity innovations as the quantum computing market matures.”

Key System Features

FormFactor’s quantum cryogenic measurement system incorporates:

HPD Model 106 ADR Cryostat

Pulse tube cryocooler for cryogen free 4K temperatures
Two stage ADR provides solid state cooling down to 30mK
Sample stage mounting at both 1K and 50mK
PQ500 High Density RF and DC Probe Socket

Comprehensive I/O connections: standard setup of up-to 24 RF lines (up to 18 GHz) and 48 DC lines, with extensions to higher I/O connections possible
Non-magnetic construction: capable of characterizing qubits below 50mK without magnetic interference when required
Sample size: proven with chips up to 10mm x 10mm in size
Pressure-based contact: provides test and measurement connection to DUTs (Devices Under Test) using pressure only — no permanent connection required
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About FormFactor
FormFactor, Inc. (NASDAQ:FORM), is a leading provider of essential test and measurement technologies along the full IC life cycle – from metrology and inspection, characterization, modeling, reliability, and design debug, to qualification and production test. Semiconductor companies rely upon FormFactor’s products and services to accelerate profitability by optimizing device performance and advancing yield knowledge. The Company serves customers through its network of facilities in Asia, Europe, and North America. For more information, visit the Company’s website at

About SEEQC:
SEEQC is developing the first fully digital quantum computing platform for global businesses. SEEQC combines classical and quantum technologies to address the efficiency, stability and cost issues endemic to quantum computing systems. The company applies classical and quantum technology through digital readout and control technology and a unique chip-scale architecture. SEEQC’s quantum system provides the energy- and cost-efficiency, speed and digital control required to make quantum computing useful and bring the first commercially-scalable, problem-specific quantum computing applications to market. The company is one of the first companies to have built a superconductor multi-layer commercial chip foundry and through this experience has the infrastructure in place for design, testing and manufacturing of quantum-ready superconductors. SEEQC is a spin-out of HYPRES, the world’s leading developer of superconductor electronics. SEEQC’s team of executives and scientists have deep expertise and experience in commercial superconductive computing solutions and quantum computing. SEEQC is based in Elmsford, NY with facilities in London, UK and Naples, Italy. For more information, visit the Company’s website at

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