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  • Cascade PMV200 Vacuum Probe Station
  • 200 mm Vacuum Probe Station with IR Sources
  • Vacuum Probe Positioners Inside the Chamber
  • Different Microscope Options for Vacuum/Cryogenic Probing
  • Solid Station Frame for Vacuum/Cryogenic Probing
  • Manual Controls of Chuck for Vacuum/Cryogenic Probing

Advanced manual wafer probing in a high vacuum environment

The PMV200 is a highly-precise probe station for wafers and substrates up to 200 mm in a vacuum environment down to < 1×10-5 mbar. Designed for educational and industrial environments, it supports a wide range of applications, including DC and RF measurements, MEMS and optoelectronic tests.

Vacuum Probe Positioners Inside the Chamber


  • Different substrate carriers for wafers up to 200 mm or single dies
  • Probe cards and/or up to eight positioners
  • Optional thermal chuck (-60°C to 300°C) and pressure regulation
  • Accessories available, such as black bodies and optical motion analysis tools
  • Optional upgrade for 300 mm wafer
  • Designed for industrial environments
  • Covers wide range of measurements (I-V, C-V, RF, MEMS, OPTO)
  • Ideal for small structures

Solid Station Frame for Vacuum/Cryogenic Probing


  • Probe positioners placed inside vacuum chamber
  • Short and stable probe arms
  • Solid station frame with built-in vibration-isolation
  • Optional microscope bridge
  • Precise probe positioning
  • Excellent measurement accuracy and repeatability
  • Superior vibration attenuation
  • Stable image quality for demanding MEMS analysis

Front Loading Capability for Vacuum / Cryogenic Probing

Ease of use

  • Intuitive, manual drives
  • Front loading capability through load door
  • Comfortable and easy operation
  • Quick and ergonomic change of DUT

High Measurement Throughput for Vacuum / Cryogenic Probing

High measurement throughput

  • Software control of chuck for fast step-and-repeat testing of the entire wafer
  • Fast step-and-repeat testing of the whole wafer

  • IV/CV
  • MEMS
  • Opto
  • RF/mmW/THz

SourceOne – Certified Pre-Owned Equipment

You want the best price-performance ratio for your wafer probe station? With our Certified Used Equipment we have an attractive option for you.

SourceOne – Factory Refurbishment Program

Extend the use of your probe station for up to another 15 years with our Factory Refurbishment Program.

SourceOne – Trade In / Buy Back Program

We'll take your probe station back for a credit note.