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  • Cascade PLC50 - Manual Cryogenic Probe Station
  • 100 mm Cryogenic Probe Station with Up to Six Positioners
  • Independent Control of Linear Chuck Stage and Positioners
  • Ergonomic and Straightforward Design

Entry-level manual cryogenic wafer probing < 7 K

The PLC50 is a highly-precise, cost-effective probe station for wafers and substrates up to 100 mm in a high vacuum environment, at cryogenic temperatures down to 77 K with liquid nitrogen or < 7 K with liquid helium. Specially designed for laboratory requirements, it supports a wide range of applications, including DC and RF measurements of the latest silicon, compound semiconductor and superconductor devices, MEMS and optoelectronic tests.

100 mm Cryogenic Probe Station with Up to Six Positioners


  • Different substrate carriers for wafers up to 100 mm or single dies
  • Up to six positioners
  • Use with liquid nitrogen or helium, depending on the target temperature
  • Probing with an open chamber lid possible under atmospheric condition
  • Specially designed for laboratory environments
  • Covers wide range of measurements (I-V, C-V, RF, MEMS, OPTO)

Manual Vacuum/Cryogenic Probe Station - Precise Positioning on Single Die


  • Independently cooled cold shield
  • Probe positioners placed inside vacuum chamber
  • Short and stable probe arms
  • Solid station frame with built-in vibration-isolation
  • Ice- and condensation-free probing down to 77 K (liquid nitrogen) or below 7 K (liquid helium)
  • Precise probe positioning
  • Excellent measurement accuracy and repeatability
  • Superior vibration attenuation

Ergonomic and Straightforward Design

Ease of Use

  • Ergonomic and straightforward design
  • Simple microscope operation
  • Hinged topside lid
  • Comfortable and easy operation
  • Quick and ergonomic change of DUT
  • Topside access to probes and samples

Independent Control of Linear Chuck Stage and Positioners

High measurement throughput

  • Independent control of linear chuck stage and positioners
  • Contact/separation stroke for probe platen
  • Fast, manual step-and-repeat testing of the whole wafer
  • Simultaneous contacting and separation of all probes

  • IV/CV
  • MEMS
  • Opto
  • RF/mmW/THz

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