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  • Kilimanjaro 1260 Cryogenic Probe Station
  • HPD - Kilimanjaro 1260 4K Probe Station
  • HPD Kilimanjaro 1260 for High-Accuracy Measurement

Large Ultra Low Vibration Chip-scale Probe Station for Conducting High-Accuracy Measurements at True 4K Cryogenic Temperatures

The HPD Kilimanjaro 1260 is a superior 4K solution to meet all your probing needs in an ergonomic low vibration system. Like the Kilimanjaro 125, this system addresses problems such as long turnaround times, high noise, and low signal capabilities. FormFactor’s superior knowledge of probing solutions and cryogenic systems puts us in the best position to help you meet your goals.

In addition to the applications that the Kilimanjaro 125 supports. The larger experimental volume enables larger 4K applications like scanning microscopy. The Kilimanjaro 1260 was used to deploy the Scanning SQUID Microscope (SSM).

This system employs a range of thermal isolation techniques to take full advantage of all the cooling power available. Using the same design as the Kilimanjaro 122 we achieve a true 4K system with a temperature stability 5mK.

Mechanical vibration is also a major issue for probing applications. Large displacements can cause damage to the sample and induce noise into the measurement. Triboelectric noise is also induced into the signals when mechanical vibrations travel through the cables. Utilizing the same methods of the Kilimanjaro 125, this system achieves a probe to DUT displacement of less than 50nm RMS.

Designed with customization in mind and with a larger stage design, the Kilimanjaro 1260 provides more configurable ports to get your signals to your sample. There are multiple easily accessible vacuum feedthroughs, and many light blocking ports in each stage plate. This approach makes it simple to address whatever signal (DC, RF, FO) capabilities you may need.

The HPD Kilimanjaro 1260 offers true 4K measurement during all probing operations in an ultra low vibe system. It is a robust and reliable system, which offers a broad array of optional features. Multiple upgrade paths ensure this system will fulfill many future needs.

Applications: Photonic QC, Spin QC, Cryo-CMOS, Scanning Microscopy

Cryogenic Temperatures

  • Fully isolated experiment space for true 4K temperatures during probing
  • Cryogenic positioners to provide large travel ranges without warming up the device
  • Integrated helium pot for high temperature stability of the device under test
  • Fully dry cryogen-free cooler eliminates the need for expensive helium circulation systems
  • Rapid cool liquid nitrogen option for faster cool down times

Low Vibration

  • Flexible thermal jumpers to ensure high thermal conductance and low mechanical transmission
  • A soft vacuum bellows provides a compliant mounting interface for the cryocooler
  • Rigid support tube to direct vibrations from the cryocooler away from the sample


  • Quick release vacuum feedthroughs for easy configurability
  • A large rectangular port for high signal capacity
  • Multiple stage feedthroughs for thermally intercepting the signals
  • Large experimental space provides more workroom and configurable ports
  • Many available system options and add ons to choose from