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  • Wet Dilution Refrigerator - Wet DR 50
  • Wet Dilution Refrigerator - Wet DR 250 - Insert
  • Wet Dilution Refrigerator - Wet DR 250/500 - Stage
  • Wet Dilution Refrigerator - Wet DR 500 - Stage

FormFactor’s wet dilution refrigerators has two series of products: the Wet DR-50/250/500 and Wet DR-50-TL/250-TL/500-TL. 

Both series of dilution refrigerators enable easy and cost-effective cooling to temperatures between 35 to 10 mK. 

The sample of Wet DR-50/250/500 systems is located in a normal vacuum (HV) space. It can be loaded when the system is warm with the vacuum can open. 

The TL series has been optimized for scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) applications. The sample can be loaded into the ultra-high vacuum (UHV) space from the top of the dilution refrigerator insert when the cryostat is cold. 

Custom wiring is available. 

Both fully automated and manually operated gas handling systems are available. 

  • Proven technology: designed in conjunction with several top STM groups in the world 
  • Quiet, low vibration operation 
  • Low running costs and reduced maintenance 
  • Easy operation and fast cool-down; load sample when the system is cold for TL models 
  • Calibrated RuO and CMN thermometry read by model 372S resistance bridge are installed on the mixing chamber plate