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  • HE-3-SSV Helium-3 Cryostat

The Model HE-3-SSV insert is designed for standard sample loading with the sample in vacuum. The sample is typically attached at the bottom of the He-3 pot inside the inner vacuum chamber (IVC) for cooling. The system design minimizes the intrinsic heat leak to the He-3 pot and optimizes the performance, resulting in a cost effective He-3 cryostat that is extremely reliable and easy to operate. The Model HE-3-SSV is designed to be compatible with all kinds of superconducting magnets, such as solenoid, vector magnets, and more.

The He-3 insert can be operated with the 1 K pot pump turned off after it reaches the base temperature. In this case, the system will be extremely quiet, which is highly desirable for many applications. This unique feature also reduces the liquid helium consumption and makes the operation more cost effective.

This He-3 insert includes the following components:

  • Charcoal sorption pump with heater and thermometer
  • 1 K pot with thermometer
  • He-3 pot with heater and thermometer
  • Permanently stored He-3 gas
  • IVC can
  • Operation test

  • Customizable sample space to fit the user’s application
  • Long holding time: 100 hours for six (6) STP liter He-3 gas
  • Stable He-3 pot temperature: Separate sippers for 1K pot and the charcoal sorb cooling line; +/- 0.5 mK at base temperature
  • Low noise
  • Multiple operation modes: He-3 cryostat can be operated without pumping the 1K pot (referred to as 4K operation mode)