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  • Model HE-3-TLSUHV-STM Helium-3 Cryostat
  • Model HE-3-TLSUHV-STM Helium-3 Cryostat

The Model HE-3-TLSLUHV-STM is a top-loading Helium-3 cryostat with sample in ultra-high vacuum (UHV) space for scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) with atomic resolutions. The sample can be loaded through the 1.0” diameter central access when the cryostat is cold. With its standardized unique design, this He-3 cryostat generates next to zero acoustic noise and mechanical vibration. The Model HE-3-TLSUHV-STM He-3 insert is designed to be compatible with all kinds of superconducting magnets, such as solenoid, vector magnets, and more.

This He-3 insert includes the following components:

  • Central access with gate valve on top
  • Charcoal sorption pump with heater and thermometer
  • 1 K pot with heater and thermometer
  • He-3 pot with heater and thermometer
  • Permanently stored He-3 gas
  • UHV compatible IVC can
  • Mechanical heat switches
  • Operation test

  • Long holding time: 80 hours with 10 STP liter He-3 gas
  • Stable He-3 pot temperature: Separate sippers for 1K pot and the charcoal sorb cooling line
  • Sample can be loaded or removed when the cryostat is cold
  • Low noise, low vibration
  • Multiple operation modes: He-3 cryostat can be operated without pumping the 1K pot (referred to as 4K operation mode)