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Cryogenic systems are a major investment.

Long waits for data can slow down development cycles and hinder production schedules. Cryogenic test services allow you to avoid the high upfront capital cost of a complete system, enable immediate access to cryogenic data, and ensure you are obtaining the data you need to advance your program.

Join us at the Cryogenic Test Lab, located in Boulder, Colorado, where you can partner with FormFactor to build custom probing solutions and collect the valuable cryogenic data you need. Whether it’s at 4 K or < 50 mK, we will work with you to solve your unique test and measurement challenges.


FormFactor’s Advanced Cryogenic Test Lab

Take a virtual tour of our Cryogenic Test Lab, located in Boulder, Colorado. Meet some of our test experts and get a close-up look at our range of test solutions available as a service to quantum developers.


Cryogenic Test as a Service – Perspectives

Why use outside services for your cryogenic test and measurement needs? Industry experts from QED-C, Keysight and PsiQuantum share their perspectives.

How can we help enable your technology?

  • Screen for manufacturing defects at cryogenic temperatures to improve device sorting
  • Statistically correlate room temperature data with cryogenic performance by obtaining high volume data at the wafer scale
  • Pre-characterize Qubits prior to deployment to reduce QPU bring-up time
  • Material characterization of superconducting devices
  • Peace of mind on your next purchase. Try cryogenic probing systems before you buy

What We Offer

Collect high volume data with our Cryogenic Wafer Scale Probe Station, or qualify your devices near deployment conditions with our < 50 mK ADR* Cryostats. Each of our test packages leverages FormFactor’s longstanding probing expertise and decades of precision cryogenic systems experience. We develop custom probing solutions for each system to eliminate the need for wire bonding. Materials are carefully selected to function in cryogenic and non-magnetic environments.

HPD Test Services Qbit

Qubit Pre-Test
Model 106 & PQ500

  • < 50 mK base temp
  • 10 mm Singulated die test
  • No wire bonding
  • Up to 12 RF (< 12 GHz)
  • 48 shielded twisted pairs
  •  Probe socket

HPD Test Services Wafer

Wafer Testing

  • < 4.5 K wafer probing
  • 200 mm wafer
  • 300 mm wafer fragment
  • Magnetic shielding (< 200 nT)
  • 56 RF and > 300 DC
  • Probe cards

*ADR stands for Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator. It is a solid-state method for reaching millikelvin temperatures using paramagnetic salts.

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