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FRT Metrology for Advanced Packaging - Ensuring the highest quality control of grinding/dicing processes for DISCO Hi-Tec Europe

Advanced packages have enabled the industry to develop new flip-chip processes, 2.5D interposer and TSV technology, and 2D and 3D fan-out processes with high densities of connections in the smallest of spaces. With these new innovations, the need for flexibility in wafer metrology and handling has exploded. FormFactor MicroProf® AP metrology tools are specifically designed to address an extensive list of advanced packaging format and application challenges. Wafer test of these power semiconductors poses unique challenges, as they often require test currents of more than 500 Amps, test voltages up to 10 Kilovolts and test temperatures up to 200° C. In addition, the wafer probing environment creates additional concerns such as the potential for electrical arcing, the need to minimize probe contact resistance to the DUT, and the requirement to maintain low contact and thermal resistance between the wafer and chuck.

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