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Webinar Registration

Overcoming Challenges for Wafer-Level Low Frequency Noise Measurements

The development of next generation semiconductor device technology nodes targeted for communications, memory, imaging and various analog applications requires advanced wafer level low noise test and measurement capabilities. Flicker noise (1/f), random telegraph noise (RTN), and phase noise have been demonstrated to affect device behaviour and final circuit performance. In today's test labs, it is vital that test engineers are able to accurately measure the device or circuit noise characteristics in a quiet wafer test environment.  For this talk, we will first look at the different types of low frequency noise, how they are measured and their impact on devices as well as various circuit applications. We will also discuss the requirements of a quiet wafer test environment and the challenges of achieving one. Finally a wafer test solution that allows test engineers to make accurate low frequency noise measurements will be presented at the end of this talk.

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