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Scaling Measurement Methodologies Using Cryogenic TaaS Framework for Higher Quality cryo-LNAs and Reliable Qubit Readout Chains

As superconducting quantum computers scale, cryogenic microwave components in the qubit control and readout chain must be appropriately tested and qualified to ensure the consistency and high fidelity of quantum computation. Furthermore, system uptime is critical for commercialization, which is dependent on reliably predicting maintenance cycles and expediting downtime recovery. Both requirements highlight the need for standardized measurement protocols to scale the test capability in the industry. Here we will examine a test framework where we describe procedures for conducting functional, reliability, and integrated testing on cryogenic components. Our pilot use-case investigates calibration and test methodologies for gain and noise figure measurements of low temperature LNAs. Finally, we will discuss how to scale these measurements for high volume reliability testing.

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